Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Simple Blessing

Each year before school would start, Rob would give a Father's Blessing to each one of the children and me (school is hard for me too). With Rob not here with us, my dad has given us the Father's Blessing before school these last two years. This year when he gave me my blessing, he said that you will be getting another blessing, but not at this time. I thought that was very interesting and it also made me a little nervous. I thought, what would be going on in my life that I would need another blessing? Tonight our new Young Women's presidency and Advisors were all set apart. I am very blessed to be the Laurel Advisor. I am so excited and so grateful for the opportunity to work with such wonderful leaders and young women!! All the leaders were setting there taking turns getting their blessings and all of the sudden it hit me, this is the blessing your father was talking about. I could feel the spirit so strong, testify to me the truthfulness of what I was thinking and feeling. Brother Manuela gave me the blessing (my home teacher who my family loves). He talked about how much Rob wanted me to know he loves me. How I have angels around my family guarding us and helping us. The importance of sharing my testimony with the youth, not only in our ward but all over, as I do my speaking. It was a wonderful and beautiful blessing. For a moment, I knew I exactly where the Lord wants and needs me. I hope I am able to do all that He asks of me!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Suprise Trip for the Boys

I have felt like a neglectful parent to my kids, in the sense that I can't focus on them all as good as I would like. My older kids do a lot of work. Not chores per say, but they have a lot expected of them with dad gone. I wanted to do something for the older kids to show them how proud I am of them with all they have been through the last 18 months. We are St Louis Cardinal fans and I realized they were playing in Denver soon, so I put together a weekend with Robbie and Jake (in all fairness I am taking Ellie with me to Portland in October). The boys had no idea this was going to happen. I told them I was checking them out of school to take them to lunch. Robbie asked where we were going to lunch and I told him Cafe Rio and he said he rather stay at school. So we get home and on the table is Cardinal t-shirts, airplane tickets and game tickets. Jake just saw the t-shirts and was like, gee thanks for the shirt? I had the explain, no we are leaving right now to get on a plane to go to the game tonight. It took about a minute to sink in what we were really doing. We had such a great time. The game Friday night was close but the Rockies won in the bottom of the ninth. We got to go down on the field to watch the fireworks after the game. I turned to the boys and said, when you woke up this morning, could you have even imagined that you would be laying in the middle of Coors Field tonight? We got to stay with Garret and Tiffany Anderson, our good friends from college. We stayed up all night talking and laughing! Spent Saturday with them and went to another game Saturday night. Yes the Cards won the NL Central with that win! There were tons of Cards fans there cheering. We all had a great time!

Jake and I in front of Coors Field

Down on the field for fireworks
Robbie and Jake sick of me taking pictures
Jake watching Batting Practice
Saturday night when the Cards won the NL Central!