Sunday, February 22, 2009

My Speaking Gig

I had the wonderful opportunity of going to Idaho and speaking at a Best of EFY (Especially for Youth) this weekend. I got to speak in front of about 800 youth and leaders. Adrienne and Jeni were able to make the trip with me and be there for support. The first place I was speaking was Twin Falls, Idaho. We drove there Friday night, with all intentions of going to the temple that evening. But with driving and not having any dinner yet, we all thought it would be best to go to dinner. As we were at dinner I thought a girl the restaurant look liked my freshman year RA. All during dinner I kept looking at her wondering if this was the same person. Granted I was a Freshman 16 years ago, so I didn't trust my judgement too much. When I meal was done, Jeni and Adrienne told me just to go over and find out if it was her. And sure enough it was! She recognized me right away and said that she had just been thinking about me a couple of weeks ago and now here I was talking to her. She was now living in Twin with her husband and three daughters. She asked what I was doing there and I told her I was speaking the next day at a Best of EFY. This got the rest of people's attention at the table, because they were taking their youth the event. Her husband turned and looked at me and said, you don't look like your picture on the flyer. I just laughed and said well there's a funny story behind that picture. He said, we all thought it looked like Sarah Palin. This just made me laugh even harder as I told him the picture was from Halloween when I dressed up as her. I used Kristen's comment and said, ya it's a good thing I wasn't a hooker for Halloween, then the picture would have been really interesting! Long story longer, Kelly my RA came the next day with her husband to hear me speak. After wards it was great to talk to her and know we both needed to be there that day. I do not think it was a coincidence that we were both at that restaurant that night. Why are we surprised when these things happen? When we see Heavenly Father's hands in our lives?

I had a wonderful time speaking. I was almost late for my second speaking assignment in Rurpert, Idaho. I didn't realize how much time it would take me to drive there from Twin. I love sharing my testimony with others. I love telling others how the scriptures can help any one during difficult times. I love the scriptures and can't imagine going through this last year with out there help, guidance and comfort. I want everyone to know our Savior is there for you. One way He answer prayers is through the scriptures as we read and study. Every time I have the opportunity to share my testimony about the scriptures and about Rob, I feel more joy and support. I hope the youth were able to be taught by the spirit this weekend. A scripture in Doctrine and Covenants best explains how this uplifts me when I speak. I am so grateful for the opportunities I have to share my testimony with others. "Wherefore, he that preacheth and he that receiveth, understand one another, and both are edified and rejoice together." D&C 50:22

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Epperson's Valentine's Day

My Valentine's Day first started with these beautiful flowers from my mom and Tony. I was completely shocked to get flowers delivered to me. It was a wonderful surprise, considering I don't have too many surprises these days. Later, I did get flowers from my kids, which I love also. Last week, Ellie and I got a letter in the mail, saying that we needed to be dressed and ready on Valentine's night for a night at Chateau Poulsen's. Robbie and Jake left around 4 o'clock to go get ready for the big night. First we were picked up at home, with Robbie opening all the doors for us. Erin and Kate were at our house, since their house was "getting ready". All of us girls, me, Ellie, Erin, Kate, Adrienne, Jeni, Izzy, and Addie, were greeted at the door with a long stem rose. The men had made a wonderful flank steak dinner, with garlic mash potatoes, salad and rolls.
We all had a great evening, eating, laughing and talking about manners! Notice how "short" Robbie's hair is. It still could use a little trim, but this is a huge improvement. And this is the one night a year Jake (because he's under 12) gets to wear a tie. Funny now that Robbie wears a tie every week, he didn't want to wear one! Is it me or is Ellie starting to look older?

All the girls. Clockwise: Erin, Adrienne, Jeni, Me, Ellie, Izzy, Addie, and Kate.
Erin, Jeni and I at one time all had the same hair cut. We are trying are hardest to make all of our hair different.

The boys clockwise: Issac, Andy, AJ, Roddie, Jake and Robbie.

Special thanks to Erin and Roddie for letting us have it at their home.
PS They are having a BOY!!!

New Candy of the Season

First let me point out that the candy of the season has changed. The Bushman family got the old Conversational Hearts and have put in suggestion for next year's Valentine's Candy. Last night the boys went to drop off the candy and door bell ditch the Bushman's. While they were hiding they could hear Abby say, who do you think these were from? And Emily said Who do you think? I do have to say that the huge amount of candy created a seal, so the hearts at the bottom, actually tasted fresh! For this season's candy idea, I must give credit to Emily. We were driving one day and talking about what candy to put in next (she cares because she knows she will get it eventually). I was originally thinking of going strait to Easter candy. It's already in the stores and I LOVE Easter candy. But we started talking about St. Patrick's Day and what we could do for that day. I would not put it pass her father to be prepping her with ideas to give to me. He was still upset that I didn't use sweetheart candy for Valentine's Day. So we came up with Chocolate Gold Coins. I went to a Partytime store and bought them all out of their chocolate coins. You can notice from the picture that I couldn't fill the jar all the way. AND the monkeys will not get a candy every time they walk by. I have even considered putting in a money jar next to the candy jar to off set the cost!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Day

I haven't gone back and read much of Caring Bridge. Once and awhile I will go back and read if I need something for a talk or trying to remember something specific. Mostly, it's hard for me to read the words that only happened one year ago. I am thankful that I have those memories written down. Just this morning I couldn't think of what I got the kids last year for Valentine's Day. I figured that life was busy and I probably didn't have time to get them anything. But as I read the Caring Bridge entry from last year, I remembered why. Last year's Valentine's Day was a lot harder on me than this year, which surprises me, because last year Rob was alive. I believe in my heart I must of known it would be our last Valentine's together. This year isn't as hard. I have had a year to understand and to grow. I have learned how to turn all my sorrow and pain over to the Lord. And I am looking forward to a fun night with my family tomorrow! Here's a picture from last Valentine's Day and my Caring Bridge entry.

Today was a bitter-sweet day, in more ways than just candy. Earlier today Rob, Craig, Betsy, Bowmans (Shane, Kerry & Loren) and I got to go to the temple today. This is one of the most sacred places we can go. In the temple you can feel the Spirit of the Lord so strong. I am grateful we were able to attend the temple and for those who also went to the temple by them, to support us. The comfort and peace we felt is priceless.
Yesterday I found myself unable to buy Valentine's stuff for the kids. I can't explain it, but I just didn't have the heart for it. In the past we spent Valentine's Day as a family. The boys would dress up in their Sunday Best (the only time dad let them wear ties before the age of 12) and take the "girls" Ellie & I out to dinner. Ellie and I would each get a dozen roses from the boys. We would then go out to a fancy dinner, with they boys learning how to treat girls! I knew we wouldn't be having our Valentine tradition tonight. Thank goodness so many people listened to the spirit and showered our family with Valentine love today!! We got flowers, cards, gift packages, so many wonderful things, my kids didn't even notice that mom was a little sad. I took the kids to Big Al's tonight, arcade/bowling, and let them get whatever they wanted for dinner. Jake had a pound of steamed clams! They all got special drinks and didn't even have to share! I then let them play all the video games they like, especially the ones we usually don't let them play. We all had a blast! On the way home, I was a little sad that Rob couldn't of been there with us. Robbie asked me what was wrong and I said, aren't you sad that dad couldn't come. Robbie and Jake were both like, yes, but if dad wasn't sick, the twins would of came or we wouldn't have gone to Big Al's at all. My little boys were teaching me a valuable lesson. They were looking at the positive of the situation. They weren't saying it in a snotty way, but were sincere with their answer. I will forever be grateful for that moment. My boys trying to comfort me and helping me understand that there are many blessings I am not seeing. They are such sweet, strong boys, who are taking on more than a boy their age should. I hope everyone felt loved today. Thank you once again, for everyone who reached out to us today. For listening and answering a mother's simple prayer so her children could have a loving day! Love Patti

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Storms of Life

This morning the kids and I were doing our daily scripture reading. We were reading in the Book of Ether. I have noticed that I need to stop more often than not, to see if they understand the topic or story. Today we were reading about the barges being built and traveling across the great water to the promise land. The brother of Jared asked the Lord, what can he do for light while they travel. Now the Lord did not give him the answer, but explained to the brother of Jared, why certain options wouldn't work. In one of the Lord's explanations, He talked about how hard the journey was going to be for them.
"For behold, ye shall be as a whale in the midst of the sea; for the mountain waves shall dash upon you. Nevertheless, I will bring you up again out of the depths of the sea; for the winds have gone forth out of my mouth, and also the rains and the floods have I sent forth.
And behold, I prepare you against these things; for ye cannot cross this great deep save I prepare you against the waves of the sea, and the winds which have gone forth, and the floods which shall come." (Ether 2:24-25)
As I was explaining this to my kids, my mind was opened and these verses started to mean more to me than before. The Lord gives us the storms and yet He also prepares us against the storms. These storms in life help us to get closer to the promise land or eternal life. I know I was prepared for my storms. I know the Lord gave me many angels to help me. I know He has given me opportunities to grow, so I could handle my storms. Hopefully now, I am teaching my children to trust in the Lord and His will. At times we may feel that we are at the bottom of the ocean and there is no way to come up for air. But I promise, as we put trust in the Lord, we will see the way He had prepared for us against the storms of life.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Notice Anything Strange?

I am speaking at a Best of EFY later this month. This is the flyer that was sent out for all those participating. Do you notice anything interesting or familiar about my picture? BYU-I had asked that I send a picture of myself for the flyer. Well, I had forgotten about sending a picture and then got an email that I needed to send one ASAP. I have very few pictures of myself and even less of me alone. The only picture I could find was my Sarah Palin picture from Halloween. I sent the picture in an email. This picture happened to be titled Halloween. The guy received the picture and then called saying, "I'm not sure you sent the right picture, I got one titled Halloween." I was like yes, that's the correct picture. So, here I am trying to be taken seriously and yet my picture is of me dressed up at Halloween. I think it's time to get a normal picture taken. Still, this flyer cracks me up!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Heavenly Father's Will

I remember exactly where I was sitting. I was in Kristen Copeland's living room about four years ago. I was on the couch that backed to the window. I think we were all there for some type of Relief Society Activity. I had seen a BYU Devotional by Janet Lee, the wife of BYU President Rex Lee, and was telling everyone about it. President Lee was the BYU president while I was a student there. He also passed away with cancer during this time as president or released right before he died. We were all sitting around and I was telling them about this talk. In the talk Sister Lee and her sister were talking about what they each thought the hardest trial would be for them. Sister Lee said the hardest trial she could imagine was the death of her husband. Her sister said she couldn't imagine going through a divorce. Both of these trials ended up happening to each of them. Then, all of us sitting around, started discussing what trial we didn't think we could handle. Most people there said a death of child. I am sure you all can imagine what I said; that I could never live without Rob. I honestly never thought this would be the path my life would take. Now, I realize everyday that I am right, without the Lord's help, I couldn't live without Rob. I would be a mess and not functioning very well. All that you see and all that I am, is because of my testimony in the Lord and my trust in Him. I thank Aimee for finding this article for me. Please take a moment to read the article.

Monday, February 2, 2009


I am doing this post more for a record that Luke can look back and realize it's a miracle that he is still alive. There is a very good reason I call Luke, monkey. I have now had to remove the dresser from the monkey's room. Almost everyday I would find Luke sitting on top of the dresser. And this was always after he had emptied out most of the clothes. I am hoping by putting the clothes in his closet, I will kill two birds with one stone. No more climbing and no more clothes all over the floor.
Yesterday there was a baby blessing at church. I couldn't help but think back to the monkey's baby blessing. I don't remember if it was during Luke's or John's, but Rob said, you both were meant to come down here together for a special reason. At the time this was said, I really thought nothing about it. I figured once the monkeys were older, we would see why they came together. NEVER did I think in a million years, they would be here together for me, right now. What's the difference between have one two year and two? Night and day. These monkeys keep me on my toes. They help me get up every morning. I rarely forget they are around. I am always cleaning my home, vacuuming, mopping the floor. One baby would of been simple, two monkeys keep us laughing, guessing, and crying! When they are driving me insane, I have to remind myself of God's wisdom. I can't imagine life without my monkeys. "And now, I do not know all things; but the Lord knoweth all things which are to come; wherefore, he worketh in me to do according to his will." Words of Mormon 1:7