Thursday, May 28, 2009


When our friends the Bushmans got home from their trip, they found both their bathtubs filled with gold fish! I am not even sure how many they had, but a lot. They have been trying to give away as many fish as possible. My children have been begging for a pet. We are not pet people. I feel as if the monkeys are enough work for all of us! So Ellie comes home one night with a gold fish from the Bushmans. Soon, Jake and Robbie both had fish of their own (I think Ellie may have bought hers). They came home and got flower vases to put the fish in. Jake is so happy to have a pet. They all just start at the fish and fight over who is going to feed them (which meant me going to the store at 1130 at night to get fish food). The monkeys love the fish! They keep calling them Nemo and even stuck rubber ducks in the water. I am wondering how soon till I find one in Luke's hands!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day

For Memorial Day we went up by slick rock for tin foil dinners with the Jones and Searles. This was my first tin foil dinner and the only thing I know how to cook in tin foil is salmon. Let's just say I am now a fan of cooking out in the canyon!

It never even crossed my mind to write our names on the foil to tell them apart!

Sadie and Cami were such wonderful helpers with the monkeys.

Ali, Audrey, Ellie, Dallin and Steve

Denece is watching her car go through all the mud puddles.

We would really like at least one of them to marry each other!

The monkeys can find mud where ever they go!

Denece was teaching the kids how to make whistles out of snake grass.

The boys taking the monkeys for a hike.
I love this picture of Steve and Cami!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Friends, Food, Shopping and Cards!

Sorry it has taken me so long to update my blog. Now that the weather is nice, I am sure my entries will be far and few between. My wonderful friends flew down from the Northwest to visit and attend Women's Conference. We had the greatest time ever. These girls have been there with me through much of the hard times. They wanted to make sure everything here was good here for me. They wanted to make sure I had good friends here and a good ward to watch over me. I know Jennifer watched everyone with a close eye, making sure they were taking care of me and being nice! We walked so much during Women's Conference. I loved being back on campus. I heart BYU! I hope the girls didn't get sick of all the different stories I had every where we went. I do have to say campus is much nicer than it was when I was a student! I did know a lot of short cuts to take and could take us any where on campus! We went up and down these stairs tons. Jennifer can go up and down really fast! We couldn't keep up with her.

Kim and I having fun with Traci's camera!

We got to meet Brad Wilcox and talk with him for a pretty long time. He had came to our stake and spoke to the Young Men a couple of months ago. Robbie didn't want to go, but I made him. Robbie loved listening to him! I was glad I had the chance to tell him what a great speaker my 12 year thought he was.

Every night we stayed up pretty late, either talking or playing cards. Here we are playing Nerts with Shauna, Bret, Paul, and Robbie. Robbie has gotten really good at the game. He had just learned it that weekend.

Me yelling Nerts, no more cards down!

It was a great weekend and one I needed! I can't thank Jennifer, Kim and Traci enough for coming and spending time with me.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Patikkah

I believe it was the year I turned 30 that Rob started my birthweek celebration. Every day for the week of my birthday I would get a new present. They were nothing huge, just a little something, I guess to soften the blow of turning 30 (oh how I wish I was that age now). Unfortunately, he started a horrible tradition. You can't just do that one year and never again!! It's like flying first class, once you've sat there, you can't go back to coach! Sheri then changed the name to Patikkah, like Hanukkah a week long celebration. My kids are wondering when they are gong to get a birthweek. I told them when they become a mother, sorry men! My friend's Leslee and Margie went all the way with Patikkah and making sure I had the best birthweek ever! AND the weather was wonderful for Patikkah, sunny and warm (unlike now). So during Patikkah I got to go out on the lake with Sally and Shauna! Here's some pictures from a wonderful Patikkah!

Of course I had to have cotton candy at my birthday party. Thank you to the Searle family! Leslee makes the BEST sugar cookies ever!

Me and Johnjohn on the boat. Monkeys trying to take a nap.

The monkeys didn't like the boat too much. Everytime they would see Sally afterwards, they would say: scary boat, Sally scary. It was the first boating of the summer, hopefully they will get use to it by the end of summer!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Pinewood Derby Champions

Jake had his first Pinewood Derby contest last week. Last year we missed doing it, because well life was busy. Jake never let me forget how we missed last years race and was counting down the days till his race this year! He enlisted the help of his uncle AJ in building his car. AJ took his task of building Jake's car very serious. Jake drew pictures of what he wanted his car to look like. Jake called AJ almost every other day for a month to talk to him about the car and what they needed to do. Grandma Adrienne helped Jake with decorating his car. The best part was Robbie telling Jake before the Pinewood Derby, that he'll probably not win. Robbie said, I had never won, so you probably won't! AJ and Jake with "Jake's" car. Jake winning his first race!
Jake holding up his trophy for winning the whole derby!
Jake and AJ with the winning car. I am not sure who was happier; Jake or AJ!
AJ with his winning car!