Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Spelling Bee

For those who know me well, I cannot spell. Not at all. Not in the very least. One of the comments I hate the most in my life is: just sound the word out. REALLY, it's that simple? Why didn't I think of that in the first place. If I could sound the word out, I wouldn't be asking you how to spell it! I remember my mom telling me when I was about 10 years old to use a dictionary to find out how to spell a word. My response was, if I knew how to look it up, than I would know how to spell the word. But of course, I do use a dictionary. I have been using the same one all of my life. It has lost it's cover and even certain words are marked that I frequently(I will spell check that word) go to. I knew I was in trouble when I started asking Robbie how to spell words (about two years ago). I believe spelling comes naturally to some. Robbie's spelling ability came from his father and obviously (another spell check) not me! Jake on the other hand, has been taught to use a dictionary like his mother.

At school right now is the spelling bee for all the grades. I can't tell you how much I disliked spelling bees. I hated always being the first one out. I don't think I have ever made it passed the first round. Robbie came home from school yesterday (Robbie often reminds me he taught me how to spell that word) a little bugged. He won his class spelling bee and now he has to be in the school competition. What could he possibly mad about that? He said only nerds to good in spelling bees. Now while this is true (that what first round outers say) it is still awesome for Robbie. I said, hey if you do good, this might be your only chance to be on ESPN. I know Robbie doesn't like to lose, so sometimes he doesn't want to try so he doesn't lose. I told him to read over the list of words they gave him and the rest is luck, getting the words you know.

If you get a chance watch this video from one of our favorite comics Brian Reagan! That is if I can figure out how to post it!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Saturday Afternoon Movies

Do I watch a lot of TV? Depends on what you consider a lot. I guess it is like asking, do I drink a lot of soda? You get three chances to answer that question and the last two don't count (yes I did read the December Ensign article). I find on Saturday afternoons I am folding laundry. I like to watch TV while I am folding clothes and since the college football season is over, there is NOTHING on TV. Therefore, I find myself watching You Got Mail or Sleepless in Seattle for the millionth time. Seriously, can't Oxygen put any other movies on during Saturday afternoons? Any who, I mentioned in a previous entry about these movies and always watching them. Today Sleepless In Seattle was on (just after You Got Mail, which I did not watch again). I don't really remember the last time I saw Sleepless. I know it hasn't been since Rob passed away. Mostly I feel that movies don't really depict reality (don't seem so shocked). But there is a line in Sleepless that was perfect. For the one person who has never seen the movie (Melinda Lassen not to name any names) Tom Hanks describes what it is like after losing his wife. I have never hear it put so perfect. I tried to find a video clip, but they were all too long. So here goes my attempt to tell the part in the movie:
The doctor ask do you think there is someone out there you can truly love as much as your wife? He says, it's hard to imagine. She ask, what are you going to do? He says, I'm going to get out of bed every morning, breathe in and out all day long. And after awhile I won't have to remind myself to get out of bed in the morning and breathe in and out. And then after a while I won't have to think about how I had it great and perfect for a while.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Excitement At the Jazz Game

First let me say that I know this picture is blurry. But like in typical man fashion, Robbie said, "it looks just fine to me."Last night Robbie, Jake, Rod (my brother-in-law) and I went to the Utah Jazz game . Rod's parents have season ticket and are in Florida, so lucky us! I must say that I came to the realization that I am getting old. It happens so quickly and without your conscious knowledge. These cheerleaders looked like they were in high school. I honestly was thinking, these girls aren't old enough to be cheerleaders! This is when I realize that I am an old single mother of five. When did this happen? OK I know exactly when it happened, but still it just seemed like yesterday I was in high school. It is true that your mind never ages, it just gets wiser (hopefully anyways).
During one of the time outs, the whole Utah Football team came out to be recognized for their great season of being undefeated and yet have nothing to show for it (can we say 1984?). Regardless, I was proud of my Jake, while everyone was standing and clapping for the Utes, Jake was waving his BYU sweatshirt for all to see. That boy cracks me up! I am sure Rob was so proud of his cougar fan! So while everyone is clapping, Rod points out that President Monson is standing up in the box right above us. I say, "boys President Monson is right there!" They turned to look and were so excited! I think President Monson recognized me from the whole rushing the Prophet thing at the Christmas musical (good thing Erin wasn't at the game with me) because he quickly sat down. The rest of the game the boys kept turning around hoping to get another look at the Prophet. I think they were more interested in that than the game! We didn't get another view, but I felt it was great for my boys to see the Prophet likes to go Jazz games just like them! And thanks to Rod for taking us to game!
PS You should of seen Jeni (she and Andy were there also) dancing at the game...I wished I could have recorded it. We probably would of had too much fun dancing, if we sat together.

Monday, January 19, 2009

He Loves Me...

When I picked this back ground for my blog, I loved the saying on the side He Loves Me. Now to some it may not mean anything or to others it might seem a little sad. But to me the saying seemed to be just right! There are a lot of things I don't know, but one thing I do know is how much Rob loves me. I have never doubted his love for me. I hope everyone can know as well as I know how much their spouse loves them. It doesn't have to be with major gifts (still nice to get) or constant words of affection, but it's the little things we do for one another that show our true love. The things that are done when no one is watching. The tender words of encouragement when we are in our darkest moments. It's the desire to put anothers needs and happiness before our own. Rob did all of these things for me. If anyone wanted to know how to be a wonderful spouse, they just needed to watch Rob and take notes. I think one of the hardest things about him being gone is not having someone always putting my needs before his own. Trust me I do not get that from my children. I miss being someones everything, right now. I know Rob still worries about me and wants to help, but is a little limited. I miss talking to him ten times a day about anything and every thing (any one who was around us during the day knows what I am talking about). The one thought that gets me through the day is knowing that He Loves Me...Forever.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Luke Part Dos

So I was not sure what to do with Luke climbing out of his crib. I got a lot of great advice from many people. I was talking to Sheri reminded me of what my sister Kathy did with her daughter Ava. She just put the rails down on her crib so Ava could climb in and out safely. So I did that with Luke. This picture is from his first time napping with freedom to roam around his room. Notice all the objects thrown around on the floor. I found Luke asleep half way under Johnjohn's crib. Neither one got a good nap that day! Now that Luke can get in and out, Johnjohn tends to wake up with toys. I am not sure how this really happens, if Johnjohn tells Luke to get him certain toys or if Luke just throws them into Johnjohn's crib. But almost every nap time or morning Johnjohn has toys in his crib. Johnjohn is really into his "cowboy" hat. He watches the Toy Story movies at least once a day. Cowboy mama!
This morning I could hear Johnjohn screaming, my baba (Blanket). I came in to find Luke in Johnjohn's crib with Johnjohn trying to take his baba. I have figured out that Luke likes to climb into bed himself and obviously climb out himself. Naps aren't as long, but at least they are napping and going to bed at night! Always entertaining are my monkeys!

Johnjohn is saying CHEESE!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I Heart Candy

This is my candy jar. It is in my entry way for all those who come into my house. During Halloween and Thanksgiving I had it full of candy corn. For one of the most "hated" candies, I was constantly refilling my jar with candy corn. A majority of the candy corn was eaten by the Bushman family alone. Apparently they don't have candy at their house, so would come over just to have some of my candy corn. The Bushman's got a nice treat of old candy corn when we emptied our jar. For Christmas I filled my candy jar with mint M&Ms. It took me 12 bags of M&Ms to fill my jar. Surprisingly, not as many people went for the M&Ms as they did the candy corn. I was kind of happy for that, considering how much the M&Ms cost! After I took all M&Ms out, the kids just figured we give all of our old candy to the let's just say the Bushmans have a lot of mint M&Ms right now. I did get a text from them asking if I was ever planning on putting quarters in my jar!
So now it is Valentine's day and time to change my candy jar once again! Everyone says they hate candy hearts, but I have already had to fill the top of my jar again! These are one of my favorite candies, when they are fresh. Give them a couple of days and they won't be as good. I trying to think of a way I can put Peeps in my jar for Easter!

Monday, January 12, 2009


I think we all remember Luke climbing up on Adrienne's roof this last summer. This kid will honestly be the death of me! Luke can now climb out of his crib. Not a big deal for some parents, but for me who loved having an extra minutes while the monkeys played in their crib was priceless. Plus I could always put them down for a nap at exactly 1 o'clock and not worry about them. But now life has changed! If Luke is not tire, than he just climbs out and comes out of his room (yes he can open his door). This of course puts Johnjohn into a fit! But being positive, I am trying to look at the bright side of this...

  • Luke can wake me up when I sleep in. Sunday morning I was greeted by an Oreo covered face. Yes that meant he was down eating Oreos before coming into my room.
  • This leads to my next point, Luke gets up better than his older brothers and can get himself breakfast.
  • I no longer have to pull Luke out of the crib while holding Johnjohn. Johnjohn would always want him to get him first, but would never let me put him down. I would then have to lift Luke out while still holding Johnjohn. I hope my arms are toning up!
  • I now find myself not going into a deep sleep because I am paranoid Luke is going to climb out in the middle of the night. Deep sleep is over rated.
  • Luke will let me know if Johnjohn has thrown up (more common lately than not). Mama gross, gross.

I know the monkeys will always keep me on my toes. As hard as it might be a times, I know they are a true blessing in my life!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Jennifer another name for Saint?

Long story longer...Last night Johnjohn was sick. I had gone to a Relief Society thing and I get this call from Robbie, John has thrown up and Luke won't stay in his crib. Thank goodness I was on my way home. I felt so bad for poor Emily who was baby sitting. I start stripping down Johnjohn and putting him in the shower and can't figure out what is wrong with Luke. I instantly call Adrienne, HELP! She quickly comes over to help settled things down. My washing machine had been acting up and choose this day to completely quit working. Have have stinky clothes and sheets and no way to clean them. Finally, around 11:30 Adrienne heads home, with my laundry. (Just like the old days when Rob and I were first married and Adrienne would come pick our laundry. I am so lucky to have her in my life!) Luke has decided he is not going to bed and whenever I put him in his crib he instantly crawls out. About 12:30 I lock Luke and I in my room and tell him we are going to bed. Story Longer...I haven't taught in aerobics classes since before Rob got sick. It's just something I put on hold with life being crazy. This morning, of course I was subbing a kick-boxing class. Of all the mornings! I could not believe how tired I was. Here's where I get to the name Jennifer. I made a comment on Facebook this morning about sick kids and no washing machine. No sooner do I do that, than my friend Jennifer calls me and says she is at the store, do I need her to pick any thing up and she would be more than happy to do my laundry for me. I had to smile. It reminded me of my best friend Jennifer in Battle Ground. How she is always looking out for me, helping me whenever I needed it. This got me thinking about all the Jennifers I know and how all of them are amazing, seriously. I thought, wow people really have a lot to live up to when they are named Jennifer, especially if they are friends with me!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Romantic Comendies

I find myself watching You Got Mail for the third or fourth time this week and wonder what pulls me to watch this movie over and over again? It's one you have seen so many times, that it doesn't matter if you get side tracked or interrupted, which happens to me often. My kids even made the comment, didn't you just watch this? On the Today show the other day it talk about a study done about how Romantic Comedies are ruining women's relationships. Really? Did we need a study to tell us that? Who was the person who approved this study? Obviously a man, who never wanted to be dragged to another Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks movie again! I do have to admit that it was a Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan movie Rob and I spent our first "date" together. Sleepless in Seattle had just came out on "video" (yes I am dating myself). Rob and I skipped class (just a religion class) bought the movie and went back to my apartment to watch it. We held hands for the first time. I don't need a study to tell me what a wonderful day I had with Rob. For those who know Rob, he would do anything for me, even sit through a romantic comedy with me! Hey look what he got in return!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Hurricane Epperson Hits Rexburg

We traveled up to the great cold, windy, white north, not Canada, but Rexburg. We stayed with my brother JD and his family. Imagine a home with 10 kids 12 and under! All of our children get along great and had a fun time playing with one another. We managed to trash their home. I can't imagine the cleaning that is taking place after we left! Luke managed to pull a shelf off the wall, nails and all, poop in the bath and ruin all the bath toys, flood the bathroom (a different day thank goodness), get the entire family sick and leave bits of food everywhere. The older kids went sledding twice and came home with no broken bones. To get out of the house and not freeze to death, the only place to go was McDonalds. This is a picture of Lilly Sue (or Sue Sue as we all call her).
Here's Luke and Gunnar playing.
The adults went to Tasha's parents home to ring in the New Year, while the kids stayed home and had a party of their own. They all managed to stay up till midnight. New Years is so over rated. I had fun at the Leishman's home. I learned some interesting things about Tasha's family and I am amazed that her brothers are still alive today! Tasha got a lot of reading done, because JD actually had someone to watch the Rose bowl with. JD is never surprised with my sporting knowledge. We had a great time on the trip and are thankful for the Griffith's putting up with us!